Financial Contributions

Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

Your contribution will support the Cleveland Cord Blood Center’s work in helping to ensure good matches for a diverse cross-section of patients including those of African American, Latino and Asian descent for whom well-matched stem cell grafts are not generally available in the adult donor registry.

Although public cord blood banks receive financial support from the government for storage of cord blood from minorities and are reimbursed for each unit used in transplantation, they are also still reliant on philanthropy to generate resources needed to support public cord blood banking.

Your support is also necessary to help continue our innovative research in the development of stem cell treatments to address unmet medical needs in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDs and those with wound healing issues.

If donating by check, please mail to:

Cleveland Cord Blood Center
25001 Emery Road, Suite 150
Cleveland, Ohio 44128

Phone: (216) 896-0360
866-922-3668 (1-866-922-DON8)

The Cleveland Cord Blood Center has been very fortunate in receiving significant support from The Abraham J. and Phyllis Katz Foundation.